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the genetic test

The science of healthy skin

With this unique genetic test, a personal skin analysis is made based on your DNA profile. This analysis is converted into concrete care and treatment tips, in order to arrive at the most ultimate treatment together, based on scientific research. In this way we can work in a more targeted way in order to achieve the most optimal results. This way you no longer have to waste time and money on treatments and products that are not suitable for your skin. We tested this test for you first and were very surprised with the information we got. You can read our personal findings and results at the bottom of this article

How does it work?

During an intake consultation we will discuss your skin problems and desired improvement with you. Then we take your DNA sample with the DNA Collector. This happens on the inside of your cheek. This sample will be sent to the SkinDNA™ lab in Australia. This is done under strict standards and supervision. Your personal data is only known to SkinDNA™ and your results are sent to you based on a personal code in connection with privacy. You will receive the results back within +/- three weeks. All DNA samples are destroyed. Your data can (provided you give permission for this) be added to the SkinDNA™ database. This information can be used to strengthen the research population (currently about 400,000). You can also indicate during the intake that you do not want this, in which case the results will be destroyed after they have been sent to you.

Your personal results are explained in a report. This is based on the analysis of 16 genetic markers (so-called SNPs) divided into five categories of skin aging:

  • Firmness & Elasticity

  • Wrinkle formation

  • Sun Damage & Pigmentation

  • Free radical damage

  • Skin Sensitivity

In each category, your skin is mapped on the basis of a so-called “general risk percentage”. Skintology will work with you to determine, based on your results, which ingredients and treatment(s) are most suitable for your skin type and the associated aging process.

Our experience with the SkinDNA™ test

Kasia from Skintology has tried the SkinDNA™ test and is very excited about this product. Within Skintology Skin Center we choose our products and devices based on scientific research. Kasia wanted to implement this principle in the choice of treatments and care that she uses. She got the results about three weeks later and it really surprised her

It turns out that her body itself is (well) capable of producing collagen, but on the other hand, her collagen breakdown is much higher than average. Based on this information, she chose to take alpha lipoic acid. In addition, she now drinks NutraSkin Collagen Drink daily. Her beauty treatments are also adapted to this; “I started to focus more on treatments that stimulate collagen production even more, such as mesotherapy, PRP and RF Microneedling. A few months later I am amazed at the effect this has on my skin and I am relieved that I can now respond much more specifically to the needs of my skin.”

Would you like more information about the SkinDna test? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment via the booking app. Here you will also find the prices of our treatments and the SkinDNA ™ test

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