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Because one size doesn't fit all

Welcome to the Skintology Skin Center website. Here you will find the most innovative treatments based on international science and top specialists from different backgrounds. Skintology works from the principle 'one size doesn't fit all', so that the interpretation per treatment depends on your needs, the condition of your skin and your budget. For these treatments we use the most innovative equipment, based on international scientific research. We would be happy to tell you all about it in a consultation.

During an intake we discuss your wishes and we check the condition of your skin. Based on this information, we look at which treatment plan best suits your needs and how we can best adjust it to the needs of your skin and your lifestyle.

At Skintology, we believe that beauty doesn't just come from the outside. That is why our range not only consists of care and protection, but we also offer nutritional supplements and advice from a nutrition coach and/or orthomolecular therapist. You can also contact us for a Skin DNA test aimed at the five categories of skin aging and we are happy to give you advice about a healthy lifestyle. We are happy to draw up a suitable treatment plan together with you, based on your wishes. Feel free to contact us for all our options. You will find our prices in the booking app.

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