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Permanent Hair Removal

A perfectly depilated body, the dream of almost every man or woman. No more shaving, no more wounds and no more ingrown hairs. Skintology has chosen the highest German quality and reliability of the MeDioStar Asclepion Laser Technologies as support in these treatments. This way we can help you with your question for skin perfection in which we give a wonderfully soft, smooth depilated skin in an average of 8 treatments.

Why this laser? Because the laser works with a dual-wavelength (810nm and 940nm) so that every color of skin and almost every color of hair can be treated. This is because not only do the color particles in the hair absorb the energy from the light, but also (de)oxyhemoglobin (blood) is a chromophore.

How exactly does hair removal work? The laser emits a beam of light to the skin. The light beam is absorbed by the melanin (color particles) in the hair and converted into heat energy. This heat penetrates deep into the hair, up to the root (papilla). Here a coagulation of protein structures occurs and this ensures that the nutrition is put to the hair stop. As a result, the hair falls out and does not come back. In an average of 8 treatments we can permanently remove up to 90% of the active hairs.

Is this treatment really suitable for everyone? Yes, almost anyone can undergo this treatment. Of course, safety is of paramount importance and we only treat people from 15 years of age (under the supervision of a parent or guardian) and you must be healthy. A compulsory intake (anamnesis) is taken prior to the treatment to see whether treatment can be carried out immediately. No or not immediately treated when there is:​

- use of antibiotics

- wounds on the area to be treated

- pregnancy

- exposure to sun/tanning bed less than 4 weeks before treatment

- pacemaker/internal defibrillator

- autoimmune disease

- hepatitis
- tuberculosis

- you are being treated for a form of cancer

Our specialists will draw up a treatment plan during the intake interview.

In addition to permanently removing hair, the laser also works on improving the skin structure. The moment the laser beam emits its light, a heat is created in the skin which stimulates collagen. This gives the skin a fresher appearance, more volume and a more refined structure. Perfect anti-aging treatment! In addition to this rejuvenation treatment, there is also the possibility to book an acne and whitening (color equalization) treatment. In addition, we also offer vascular treatments with the MeDioStar laser (against couperose and other vascular skin disorders).

For more information you can email or call us.


  • The skin should not be tanned. 4 weeks before the laser treatment you should stop using a tanning bed, avoid using tanning products such as self-tanning cream (bronzer) or spray or sun.

  • Stop electric epilation, waxing/epilation one month before treatment. The hair should not be pulled out of the skin. Shaving is allowed.

  • Treatment area must be shaved before treatment (1 day before treatment)

  • Do not use deodorant, make-up, creams or lotions in the treatment area


  • We cool the skin immediately after the treatment and then we use unscented aftersun with SPF at least 30.

  • The treatment area must be protected from sunlight, sunbed for at least 2 weeks. The skin may be extra sensitive to UV light after the treatment.

  • After the treatment it is advised to use unscented after sun with SPF 50 for 6 weeks

  • After the treatment, the treatment area may be red and swollen and feel irritated. Even small scabs can occur. After the treatment, the treatment area may also be temporarily darker. We recommend using unscented cosmetics for at least 2 months

  • If no other skin reaction is visible except slight redness, make-up may be applied the next day

  • After the treatment, we do not recommend using the sauna, exercising or using alcohol for 1 week.

  • We do not recommend touching wounds or scabs and treating yourself. The wounds and costs have to heal themselves. Contact us if necessary in connection with irritations.

  • In order not to disrupt the hair growth cycle, do not wax or epilate the hair. Shaving and/or cutting is allowed.

  • The hair roots are switched off, only the hairs are still in the skin and fall out automatically when the skin is renewed. As a result, the stubble can still be visible for some time, as if nothing had happened. However, after 1 to 4 weeks, the treated hairs will fall out.

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