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Chantarelle has been the most innovative brand for more than 10 years, working very closely with various dermatological laboratories. Their mission is therefore to join the latest technologies with specific scientific knowledge and progressive solutions.

Chantarelle's innovation is reflected in the extensive list of products aimed at skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. For example, we do not know of any other cosmetics brand that offers more than 20 innovative (fruit) acids. This allows us to make the promise to our customers that we can offer a tailor-made treatment for each customer. What makes Chantarelle truly unique and lends itself perfectly to Skintology is that all of their products work together with our innovative equipment. The effect of Chantarelle is already visible from the first treatment because we can inject the active ingredients into the deeper skin layers using the equipment. 

Thanks to their beautiful and innovative products, Chantarelle has managed to conquer many new markets in recent years. Their products have become very popular in countries such as UK, Russia and many Middle Eastern countries. Skintology is proud to be the first beauty lounge and clinic in the Netherlands to work with Chantarelle. Became curious? Then make an appointment to get acquainted with this high-quality and exclusive brand!

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About Chantarelle

Want to know more about Chantarelle? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about this special brand!

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