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How to treat the skin after a treatment or procedure.

After undergoing a treatment or surgery, you will receive information about aftercare from us, depending on the treatment you are undergoing, both verbally and in writing. This could be, for example, the advice to stay out of the sun, not to drink alcohol and/or to wear loose-fitting clothing.

The limitations after a treatment or surgery depend entirely on what you have done. Would you like to know in advance where you stand? Please feel free to contact us about the relevant aftercare of the treatment you prefer.

Do you have an operation or are you planning to undergo an operation at Dr. Decate? He will then provide you with all relevant information regarding your procedure.

In case of complications

Do you have a complication after treatment or treatment with injectables? Contact us for the best assistance.

Very occasionally it happens that a filler is not injected correctly. Then, for example, a blood vessel is hit or there is contact under the skin with bacteria. It has several possible causes. At the moment Doctor Decates is investigating the connection between your DNA, Immune system, Bacteria and complications.

Do you have a complication after a filler treatment? Please contact Doctor Decates urgently or make an appointment via our website.

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