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NeoGen Plasma

Eyelid correction, the reduction of scars and bags or the lifting of the neck and jawline – these are just a few examples of the countless possibilities of the NeoGen Plasma, all in just one painless treatment, without surgery!

With the NeoGen plasma treatments (with plasma formed from medical nitrogen) we can renew the skin quickly and accurately, regardless of age or skin color. The plasma is absorbed by the entire skin architecture and ensures an activation of collagen which accelerates the renewal process of the skin . The result is a fuller, more even and refined skin.

The treatment

Before the treatment, we clean the skin and treat it with a moisturizing mask. The skin to be treated must not be tanned by the sun, sunbed or a self-tanner. It is advisable to hydrate your skin well at home, at least two weeks before the treatment, with a serum, cream and sun protection. Do not forget to drink enough water. If the skin is not (sufficiently) hydrated, this can affect the results and downtime of the treatment.

The treatment may be performed with a local anaesthetic. The plasma from the treatment feels like pulses of heat on the skin. This forms a natural protective mantle on the skin. The controlled flow of energy (unlike with all handheld devices) ensures an even distribution of heat that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. With more than 50 studies as evidence, the NeoGen Plasma has been independently assessed for effectiveness, safety and applicability.

The treated area often looks red for the first few hours. Subsequently, the skin will discolour from red to brown. This discoloration will disappear within a few days - the result is an even, fresh skin with any color differences being evened out. The skin will feel more compact and firm, any fine lines will be less visible and scars will be softened.

This treatment is suitable for the treatment or reduction of

- Wrinkles

- Sun damage and pigmentation

- Acne

- (childbirth) scars

- Eye lift (bottom and top)

- Facelift

- Psoriasis

- Melasma

- Pigment lesions

- Pore Refinement

- Stretch marks


Not suitable if you are unable to have general surgery
Keloidal Scars
Active infections present



Before the treatment starts, your practitioner will review images with you of the expected results, agreed treatment protocol and realistic expectation of the treatment. Photos will also be taken of the skin area to be treated. Make sure your skin is make-up free and remove any contact lenses. You apply the local anesthetic cream (as described on the package leaflet) well before the treatment. Make sure your skin is clean (without makeup or care). Before starting, the practitioner will remove this cream with gauze and place a test pulse. After assessing the test pulse, the entire treatment will start.

After treatment

Depending on the intensity, your skin will be red, may be slightly swollen and feel burning and warm after the treatment. In most cases it is advised not to apply anything to the skin or to cool the skin. Depending on the indication, the practitioner may choose to apply a cooling mask to reduce the redness and swelling.

Aftercare and instructions for home

● Wear an SPF 50 when exposed to direct sunlight

● Do not manipulate, treat, or otherwise expose the skin to friction or other similar trauma or treatment during the recovery period. This also applies to swimming, sauna and similar activities.

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