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High-end active product with hydroxy acids in combination with high-tech enzymes. Supports the loosening of excessive cornifications and thereby promotes the skin renewal process.

- effectively loosens cornifications in depth

- detachment of the sealant structure (sebum and lipid deposits)

- protects and calms the active cell layer

- ensures that subsequent products are optimally absorbed


After cleansing (Two in One Cleanser) use 1 x a day, preferably in the evening on the face and let it work for 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly several times with lukewarm water and apply the appropriate active product.


May cause a stinging sensation on very sensitive skin. Skin-friendly pH value.

Tissue Activator Serum:

Highly concentrated high-end care with active ingredients that improve dermal skin functions.
Also very suitable as an accompanying cosmetic application to laser treatments.- supports tissue repair and the formation of collagen III fibers- improves the elastin structure- protects against irritations caused by MBR-Immun-Plus from sea algae- protects against free radicals and moisture loss- improves the skin resistance and long-lasting hydration - stimulates metabolic activity


Morning and evening. After cleansing (Two in One Cleanser / Beta-Enzyme / Starter Facial Booster) Apply Tissue Activator Serum to the face and massage in lightly. Then Skin Sealer Protection Shield.

Special feature

Extremely rich preparation based on hyaluronic acid. Free from grease, emulsifiers, dyes and perfume. Protect from sunlight and heat.

Skin Sealer Protection Shield:
High-end active preparation with noticeable smoothing and caring properties.- improves the surface structure and the resistance of the skin- protects by dermal, film-forming, but breathable shielding factors- supplies the skin surface with lipids- protects against free radicals- activates the cell metabolism- hydrates for a long time persistent and protects against moisture loss


Morning and evening. After applying Tissue Activator Serum, spread Skin Sealer Protection Shield over facial skin and allow to absorb. Can also be used separately as a high-quality day cream, preferably for younger skin.


Triple-Phase Emulsion. Non-comedogenic, free of dyes. Extremely rich. Also ideal as a base for make-up.

Travel Set

Excluding VAT |
  • Beta-Enzyme:
    Skin Mild Hydroxy Acids, Biotechnologically Made Enzymes Lipase/Protease, Pentavitin, Bee Honey, Allantoin

    Tissue Activator Serum:
    MBR CII Amplifier, Vitamin C, Biopeptide EL, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Pro-vitamin B5, MBR-Hydromatrix, Sea Algae Extract,

    Skin Sealer Protection Shield:
    Microencapsulated Ceramide II and III, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Omega-CH-Activator, Allantoin, Phytodermin, MBR-Skin Sealing Complex, MBR Hydromatrix, Sea Algae Extract

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