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Solution for:

  • Scars and pimples
  • Large pores or clogged pores
  • White and black blackheads
  • Excessive oily or shiny skin

What is it?
A light emollient gel clinically proven to reduce overall skin imperfections in just 1 week.

How does it work? • Treats and prevents scars (salicylic acid [1.0%])• Controls sebum production• Minimizes pores• Exfoliating• Moisturizes, soothes and softens (honey, boswelia and rice extracts)

Conceals blemishes by addressing multiple causes that lead to breakouts. In addition, it is very effective, without having the dreaded drying effect. It can be used regularly to keep pores clean, treat blemishes and prevent scarring.

How to use?
Morning and evening. Thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying the product. Apply a thin layer to the problem areas.

Clinical Results: Clinically proven to visibly reduce pimples, black and white blackheads in just 1 week.

Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment

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