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It restores the neutral pH of the skin and prepares it for further care. It has astringent and antibacterial properties. It stabilizes the lipid layer of the skin, normalizes the water-lipid balance. It leaves the skin clean and fresh. Intended for toning and cleansing oily skin prone to acne vulgaris and adult acne with symptoms of inflammatory changes.


The Ideal Pure line is a regulating and moisturizing program. It reduces excess sebum and the symptoms of inflammatory changes, has strong antibacterial properties. Recommendations and indications oily, seborrheic skin acne vulgaris, adult acne blackheads, eczema seborrheic dermatitis oily skin, shine.

Ideal Pure Anti-Bacterial Herbal Toner

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  • The main active ingredients ✓ The preparation contains valuable plant extracts of burdock, sage, lemon, ivy, soapwort, seaweed and garden cress. They regulate excess sebum production, balance the skin's microflora, soothe inflammation and prevent the loss of skin moisture.

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