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Brightening and rejuvenating tonic pH 4.5 with a holistic regenerating and protective effect, which prevents skin aging and discoloration. Dedicated to the skin of the face, especially skin with discoloration - dry, capillary, with symptoms of premature aging and photoaging, and mature skin with wrinkles.


It maintains the correct pH of the skin to enhance the protective effect of the hydrolipidic barrier against bacteria, UV damage, accelerated aging and discoloration. At the same time, it brightens color and discoloration, rejuvenates the skin by offering regenerating and antioxidant ingredients.


The tonic contains the antibacterial and antioxidant system Nisinoxid®, patented by CHANTARELLE, with rejuvenating and regenerating properties and effectiveness confirmed by research. The brightening L-ascorbic acid complex with allantoin combines the whitening, antioxidant and anti-aging effects of vitamin C with the calming and moisturizing effect of allantoin. Vitamin C complex in liposomal capsules with gradual release from the epidermis in the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens blood vessels, reduces redness and strengthens protection against UV radiation. The active formula is complemented by the Matcha green tea leaf antioxidant macerate, which protects the skin from pollution damage and premature aging, stimulates microcirculation and skin renewal.


The preparation's lower, slightly acidic pH strengthens the skin's protective barrier against pathogens (harmful bacteria, fungi, molds) and promotes anti-inflammatory protection and enzyme management. It is the first protection against bacteria, the effects of UV radiation and environmental pollution (dryness, collagen damage, wrinkles, discoloration). Its holistic action against aging and discoloration of the skin strengthens the condition and protects the skin from damage of various origins, which accelerates and exacerbates adverse symptoms.


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  • Nisinoxid®, L-Ascorbic Acid Complex with Allantoin, Vitamin C Complex in Capsules, Matcha Green Tea Leaf Macerate, Vitamin E

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